What makes a good real estate agent?

There are tons of factors which can make a good agent but let’s underline some of the most important ones hereby, so that you know what to look for when it comes to finding a trusted real estate agency.

  1. Works for a quality real estate agency - There are tons of different sorts of real estate agencies and agents, but most reputable agencies only work with those who really do well in terms of advertising and selling. Of course this cannot be something you can 100% count on, but it’s still a good place to start.

  2. Check out the listings done by particular agents - In most cases, agents work with their own photos on property listings and this is quite a big help in terms of specifying the overall working quality. The quality, quantity and actual content of the photographs will instantly tell you who is good and who is not. The reasons for this are simple: to make a property look good, attractive, inviting is something a real professional does well but where others may fail. You can also check the descriptions provided with the property.

  3. Do you feel you can successfully work with them? - It’s essential to contact and talk with more realtors then go for the one, you feel you can successfully cooperate with. Because being a professional is one thing, but being able to cooperate is a completely different thing at times. And good business relationship is a must, in order to establish trust. Never give details or your property’s keys to anyone who you do not deem trustful enough. Also, ask for paperwork and contract about every minor things, in order to avoid any possible misunderstandings in the future.

  4. Long history in the property business - It’s definitely an advantage is someone has a long and respectable history in the real estate business and a good ability to sell which is something that’s very hard to learn, it’s rather a quality which one should have from the very beginning.

  5. Good reviews - Reviews count a lot and in the age of the internet if someone is not to be trusted or in fact seems to be crooked is something that would eventually be revealed.

  6. Suggested by a trusted friend, colleague or relative - It’s always a good point if an agent is suggested by someone who you know or who you trust, we would definitely advise you not to stick with anyone right away but talk to them and check out what they tell you and how they treat you. You should never work with someone who you do not feel comfortable to work with.

Also, never forget that in this business there are no exclusive contracts. You can make multiple contracts with multiple agencies, then in the end it’s the winner who sells your property for a good price is the one who takes the commission.

Another advice is, not to let yourself be persuaded to sell your property at a price which is visibly lower than the one you would eventually want.

Eleanor Kelly

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