Tricks to sell a small house quickly

Selling small houses may seem tricky, but all is about the structuring and finding the best target clientele for you. Hereby, we would like to give you a few useful tips on how to get started when it comes to selling a small house quickly.

  1. Is your house really that small? - Smaller houses are generally older, as they were build back in the day, when heating was non-central and this way, they most often than not contain lots of small separate spaces. All those walls can also be considered as dead spaces. Are you really using the separate storage room next to the kitchen or can you open it up to give it a better use? Do you really need a separate alleyway or can you take out the walls to make your living room area bigger? Of course, some of the renovation costs may be high, but some of these can prove to be useful enough for you as well and can make the value higher when it comes to selling the home fast.

  2. Create more space with creativity - Do you really need all that furniture? Does your current furniture serve you well? Sometimes, you can create tons of space even by rearranging the current furniture. You can pick up tons of information on the power of refurnishing online to help sell your house fast. You can also experiment as much as possible. Shelves can also do wonders to help you create more space. Implementing lighter shades on everything also has a space enlarging effect.

  3. Find spaces which can be used or converted - Besides loft and basement conversions there are two more conversions which can prove to be extremely useful and create tons of new space: converting the garage into a living space, converting one part or the whole balcony into a conservatory or a separate room. While the two latter may need conversions the loft and basement conversion generally don’t need extra paperwork.

  4. Find a use of dead spaces and cut out walls wherever applicable - Spacious flats are everything and there are tons of flats which have a lot of dead space, which means space that is not used for anything mainly for the reason that they are seemingly not good for anything. Why not connect the storage room with the toilet and create an extra small bathroom out of these? One can also re-imagine the kitchen or bathroom locations in favour of creating an additional room.

  5. Put more accent on the outdoors space - A charming garden works wonders and an added deck also creates a larger living area. Use any outdoor space to your advantage, make it look more beautiful and an additional seating set can make it look like a haven especially for those who plan to move from the city. Any front yard, back yard can be used to your home’s advantage.

  6. Make age charming - Older houses can have a distinctive charm which can be easily accentuated with further accessories that would do a sort of a time travel. Many people look for older houses for their distinctive charm.

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