Key things to avoid when you are selling your home

There are several things which can negatively impact the value and attractiveness of a home when it comes to listing it. Therefore we thought to come up with a few tips and tricks on what to avoid when it comes to selling your home.

  1. Leaving it all lived in – many people tend to list their homes while they are still living in it. A shiny proof of that are all the photos which show rooms full of personal objects, clothes piled up or being all over the place and it is not that much of a good look. There is not a lot of ways to decide on the real capacity and characteristics of rooms when you see them full of the owners’ clothes which would definitely drag the attention away from what’s really important.

  2. Not clearing up the clutter – another major mistake which definitely results in a decrease of value, therefore always pay attention to clear clutter and dirt away and make the house as clean as possible. It would not only be much more attractive, its value would also be more stable.

  3. Making the a huge TV the focal point in the living room: we all know that the furniture we see in the rooms would not remain unless requested for an extra price perhaps, but there is so much more to any room than a TV no matter how huge that is.

  4. Investing in new furniture to make the house more attractive: this is a move which would not pay off because the new owners would mostly want their own furniture and people do not pay more money for furniture.

  5. Trying to sell your home for an upmarket price at a lower priced neighbourhood. Every district and street have their own quality and price range to them. This also means, that one cannot make their home worth much more than that. It’s because the surrounding homes would cost way less this way, which would make your home unattractive for buying. This is why, overpriced properties sell hard. It’s just not what people look for in that respective neighbourhood. As an addition, all these expensive additions cost lots of money too. This also goes for homes with extensions which the seller wants to sell twice as much as is the average price of homes in the neighbourhood.

  6. Fixer upper homes: bodging is never a good sign and it may raise suspicions in the potential buyers, especially when it comes to electric cords or other crucial amenities. As an addition, these may even be illegal and life threatening. This is why people normally prefer to avoid these homes.

  7. Investing way too much in renovation projects: this will cost money, take time and in the end, it won’t make all that much of a difference. Concentrate on the overall cleanness, have the home painted to white or light beige and make sure everything is spick and span. If you have any additional money, do your best to make the kitchen all up to date and change the taps. Apart from that, it’s not all that necessary to invest much more in a home before selling it.

Eleanor Kelly

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