10 smart renovation projects to add value to your property

There are so many things you can do in order to raise the value of your proprerty. Here we would like to present you with some ideas which you may not ever heard of before. While some of these renovation would not cost much others may need an additional permission from the local authorities. Always ask advice before you start construction works.

Before starting with any bigger renovation, try to find the target audience to whom your home would be the best suitable and plan every renovation accordingly.

  1. Convert the garage into a proper living space - Garage has a direct door that leads to the house. For this reason, in case space would come useful, converting the garage into a living area is a worthwhile idea to consider. This conversion can add substantial value to your home, you can even create an additional bathroom area in there depending on its size and location. But make sure your car has another safe parking place inside your property.

  2. Convert the front garden into a parking zone  - At least a part of it. It would add substantial value to your home, especially if you live in a central area. Make sure you are granted planning permission to do this, in case it’s needed. If you live in the city area, having your very own parking space can add tons of value to your home.

  3. Paint the house also from the outside - Looks count so much and so does first impression. So, apart from making sure everything is spick and span on the inside, make sure your home looks new and tidy also from the outside. This also includes the front door area which is definitely good to be clean and clear. A fresh coat of paint on the door would also work wonders.

  4. Clear all clutter and other unnecessary things from the outside areas - No clutter ever looks good, so leave no clutter, or overused garden furniture around. Make sure all is decluttered well before you even consider showing people around.

  5. Try to make your garden as good as possible - If you have any outdoor space that has the chance to look better, then use the resources what you have to make it look better. Sometimes just an outdoor seating set and some lanterns can work a magical effect. This also may include balconies, terraces and any other area that can be converted to become an outdoor retreat.

  6. Additional rooms via loft conversion - It’s not easy to convert a loft, but it’s way easier than building any other attachments. In addition you can create a brand new floor for your family which would add value when you plan to sell.

  7. Additional rooms via basement building or conversions - Converting a basement can be a cheaper or a very costly process but it adds substantial value and space to any home. Check out your possibilities with the help of a builder and interior designer.

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